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    Free Writing Contests And Resources For Finding More

    Finding opportunities to get your writing published can feel very daunting, so I want to share some literary contests that can help you get your words in front of an audience. I’ll also share tips I’ve discovered and resources I’ve found helpful in my search for writing contests.

    Literary journals are a great way

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    How to Set Writing Goals for the Year

    I’m reviewing the writing goals I set in 2017 to help me choose my writing goals for this year. I hope this list inspires you to set writing goals of your own for 2018.

    Last year was the first time I set concrete writing goals for myself. I divided the list into 7 yearly goals and 4 monthly goals. The monthly goals are the stepping stones that make the yearly goals achievable.

    I chose goals that were clear and measurable (for instance, “edit two poems,” vs. the more vague “write more poetry”).

    How did setting goals help me? Being able to keep track of what I accomplished encouraged me to keep going. Also, since I deal with daily exhaustion and brain fog, it helped to have a concise list to refer to. Instead of spending time and energy trying to decide where to start or what to work on next,  I pulled out my list, picked a to-do, and did my best. I saw a lot of progress as I reviewed my goals each month, and I hope you do to.